My Syllabus Launch – Episode 1: International Workers Revolution

I launched a YouTube channel called My Syllabus this week. While I have no idea what I’m doing I want to figure out this medium and hopefully you’ll provide feedback as well so it gets better and more useful. To start I’m planning it to be an exploration of ideas that interest me, from poetry to politics, motorbikes to mischief.

Each topic I cover will include an essay I’ve written along with a collection of additional readings and links to online resources for you to explore, if you care to – in other words this is My Syllabus.

Thanks for your attention and participation.

Episode 1 Essay

My curiosity about international struggles is based around what it takes for the working class citizenry to finally say enough is enough and demand equality and justice. My interest is born out of how many tragedies of violence and disparity we’ve witnessed in the U.S. over recent years. Most spectacularly being those of primarily black males murdered by the police, and how even with overwhelming evidence and outrage not only was justice denied, but a general malaise seems to have beset people across all class and color lines. So much so that not only has neither a racial nor a class based movement swept the leaders who have upheld inequality and injustice, but ultimately we elected a white-nationalist huckster with fascist tendencies as our next President. Continue reading

Eduardo Pavez Goye Book Review

One of my favorite YouTube creators is the Chilean playwright, author, musician and photographer Eduardo Pavez Goye. If you’re unfamiliar with him then I highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel when you visit the video below. A month or so ago I sent him a copy of If Only The Names Were Changed as a thank you for all of the amazing content he’s been putting out into the world. I was thrilled to find he’d given my book a very positive, brief review on his 2016 year-end video. While this video may not be his norm – they’re usually about photography instead of books – I love to hear what other writers are reading and really loved his list.

Besides the video, he sent me his first self-published book of photography titled A Parade of Strangers that has some poems and reflections in it from a project he undertook called 30 Rolls in 30 Days (you can click through to those videos as well). It is a beautiful piece of work and I hope he might consider a second pressing so that I can recommend you pick up a copy – as for now though, they’re all sold out.

So how about you, what are you reading these days?