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Por Que No

Although I have used a pseudonym, I still thought it was worthy of sharing with you all that I’ve got a new book out as a modern tribute to a favorite erotica author, Anais Nin. Her book, Little Birds, was a favorite fascination of mine during formative pubescent years and here’s hoping someone, somewhere, finds this work of mine fascinating as well.

One caveat – for all the non-fiction I write, this is very much fiction, so no need to ask. One more caveat, if we’re family, well, you probably don’t want to read this one.

You can purchase it directly through me or via Amazon Smile at:

Both print and kindle versions available.


After Hours Exhibition Tour

The Ohio Arts Council is hosting an exhibition tour on May 5 at the Riffe Gallery which I’m honored to both be a part of, and thankful for their request to utilize my piece for their outreach material. Facebook event page information is available here.

As part of the May 5 tour I’ll be speaking about my work alongside some of my fellow artists.

You can find more information here. The exhibition which runs from May 4 – July 28.

After Hours Postcard front cropped