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The Fanzine – The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

The editors over at The Fanzine saw fit to publish a recent essay of mine and I wanted to share that with you. I’m really grateful for them seeing my piece as one to share. I’m amongst some literary giants out there, so after you read my piece, check out the rest of the work – it’s worth your time.

My new bride and I had two transfers before our final flight to Copenhagen. We caught a small twin prop plane from Columbus to Toronto, then transferred to a 747 headed for Frankfort, before a short jaunt over the mainland and sea into Copenhagen. Even with several connections breaking the flight into smaller segments, it was the seven-hour Toronto to Frankfort flight that concerned us the most.

Preceding the trip, a number of bizarre incidents involving commercial air travel had left hundreds dead. There were the two lost flights under command of Malaysian Airlines, one over the Indian Ocean that took over a year to determine even where it had been lost, much less determining any cause. CLICK THROUGH TO READ FULL ESSAY

Industrial Worker

The I.W.W. has been publishing the newspaper (and now in magazine format) Industrial Worker almost as long as the union has been around – since 1905. If you’re interested in better understanding what radical unionism is, and how it works for wage slaves like us, then you’d be well served to subscribe.

Anyhow, I’ve got a story in the new edition and I think you should check it out.