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Review – Bookspace Online

While I’m certain it hurts the credibility of the review when I lay it out like this, but my friend and fellow writer Charlie has launched his online version of his pop-up shop Bookspace which includes a fantastic review of my book, If Only The Names Were Changed.

Assuming you have some similar interests as I do, you will definitely want to check out his collection and purchase a few things for your TBR pile. I love how he’s broken down the categories and the books he carries. I also really appreciate that he makes it easy to select a local pick up option that saves Columbusites like myself paying shipping.

Anyhow, back to some kind words about my work from Charlie –

“Columbus-based writer Andrew Miller presents a scathing critique of his own life, examining everywhere he went wrong and how he got there, leaving no stone unturned. Addiction, abuse, death, heartbreakā€”like Hemingway said, one can easily imagine Miller sitting down to write, and simply bleeding.”

Read the full review and pick up a copy from Bookspace by clicking here.