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Review – Bookspace Online

While I’m certain it hurts the credibility of the review when I lay it out like this, but my friend and fellow writer Charlie has launched his online version of his pop-up shop Bookspace which includes a fantastic review of my book, If Only The Names Were Changed.

Assuming you have some similar interests as I do, you will definitely want to check out his collection and purchase a few things for your TBR pile. I love how he’s broken down the categories and the books he carries. I also really appreciate that he makes it easy to select a local pick up option that saves Columbusites like myself paying shipping.

Anyhow, back to some kind words about my work from Charlie –

“Columbus-based writer Andrew Miller presents a scathing critique of his own life, examining everywhere he went wrong and how he got there, leaving no stone unturned. Addiction, abuse, death, heartbreak—like Hemingway said, one can easily imagine Miller sitting down to write, and simply bleeding.”

Read the full review and pick up a copy from Bookspace by clicking here.


My Syllabus: Violence Rules

I thought I’d wade into the current conversations going on regarding violence within the leftist, activist movement, and whether or not it is justified. Furthermore, is it a Machiavellian justification, the ends justify the means, or is it a Kantian necessity.

I recently saw this video posted up by a family member of a man explaining his take on why identity politics and intersectionality are wrong headed, and that the working class was lost to “liberals” due to paying any attention to that, to fully understand what I’m referencing I would recommend watching it: https://www.facebook.com/myiannopoulos/videos/840123842792179/.

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