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Industrial Worker

The I.W.W. has been publishing the newspaper (and now in magazine format) Industrial Worker almost as long as the union has been around – since 1905. If you’re interested in better understanding what radical unionism is, and how it works for wage slaves like us, then you’d be well served to subscribe.

Anyhow, I’ve got a story in the new edition and I think you should check it out.

I.W.W. Audio Pieces

As a proud member of the Industrial Workers of the World, I was excited to participate in some audio recordings of literature pieces published by my fellow workers. The I.W.W. is always looking to add workers to its ranks and you might want to give these a listen and think it over for yourself.

An additional option is that if you happen to like recording your own voice, and you’ve got a distinct dialect that might help make our recordings more diverse then consider helping with the Literature Committee’s efforts to create audio versions of all of the I.W.W. pamphlets, etc.

If you’d like to read along you can find both of the following recordings’ transcripts at by visiting: https://iww.org/content/about-iww

Preamble to the constitution of the I.W.W.

Think it Over